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The Last Storm by Tim Lebbon, review & excerpt

I am thrilled to be on the official blog tour for Tim Lebbon's The Last Storm! Huge congratulations to Tim and the Titan Team. A big thank you to Titan Books, especially Eleanor and Lydia, for gifting me a proof copy and for inviting me to be on the tour! In addition to my review,... Continue Reading →

Coming soon

Good afternoon valued readers and spooky subscribers... I have some very exciting things coming soon to my website, and to my newsletter The Anatomy Shelf (read & subscribe for FREE). See below for confirmed articles, interviews, and reviews: Unfinished Business: Reading the Fragmentary Ghost Stories of William Gay Pick-up or send to Voicemail: Joe Hill’s... Continue Reading →

Midwich Mayhem: How The Simpsons Resurfaced a Forgotten Horror Classic of the 1950s

Due to a flurry of new subscribers (hello, and thank you!) I am re-blogging one of my favourite articles I have ever written, hope you enjoy!

The Gothic Bookworm

Good afternoon all!

I am incredibly excited to be writing this article for my blog. As a life-long fan of The Simpsons, I am over the moon to have stumbled upon something so spooky, you may not sleep for weeks!

fox sipsons

The Simpsons: The Episode Behind the Horror

About a month ago, I was having a break from my studies and sat down with a cup of tea, flicking through the TV channels. Low and behold, The Simpsons was on. The episode was titled ‘Wild Barts Can’t Be Broken’. First airing in 1999, this episode follows Homer celebrating the Isotopes’ win by getting drunk and trashing Springfield Elementary. Instead of owning up, the children of Springfield end up getting the blame and so a curfew is set up. As you can probably guess, they weren’t happy about it. It’s what happens next that really sets the creep-o-meter to high…


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Top 10 ‘Victorian Gothic’ Artworks

The Gothic Bookworm

Hello everyone,

Thank you to all those who voted on Twitter and Facebook for what I should do for my Halloween special- it came to a tie-breaker between Horror vs Gothic and Top 10 Gothic Artworks. Only one vote separated the votes and although Horror vs Gothic won, I was also looking forward to posting this too. So, here you go- my top 10 Victorian Gothic artworks!

Now, there are lot of elements to Gothic art and fiction, most of which I have at some point discussed on my blog. So, there may be a few artworks that may not seem conventionally Gothic, but I feel they should be included in this list. For example, Wikipedia says:

“Gothic sculpture, late 15th century, Amiens Cathedral. Gothic art was a style of medieval art that developed in Northern France out of Romanesque art in the 12th century AD, led by the concurrent development of Gothic architecture”

However, I…

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125th Anniversary of Dracula

Happy world Dracula day! On this day in 1897 (26th May) Dracula by Bram Stoker was first published! Hope you have a fangtastic day! I have put some links below to celebrate! CLICK HERE to read 10 facts you didn't know about Bram Stoker CLICK HERE for vampire book recommendations CLICK HERE to read Stoker's... Continue Reading →

British Weird, mini review

Last year I was #gifted these gorgeous copies of British Weird & Women’s Weird 2 by the lovely people at @handheldpress. I cannot recommend these collections enough! I’ve spoken about them before but they’re just so wonderful I can’t help but share them again! British Weird, Selected Short Fiction (1893-1937) edited by James Machin is... Continue Reading →

The Anniversary of Tutankhamun’s Tomb Discovery

On November 4th 1922, Howard Carter and his financial backer found the stairway to the entrance of Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings... It’s the anniversary of the stairway to Tutankhamun’s tomb being found by Howard Carter! Below are photographs of the stairway and the sealed tomb The Staircase to Tutankhamun’s Tomb The... Continue Reading →

The Penny Dreadfuls: A Brief History

The ‘penny dreadful’ has been described as a “19th-century phenomenon” which took the art of publishing by storm. In a nut shell, a ‘penny dreadful’ was a story published in pamphlets piece by piece, each week, costing only a penny. They’re also known as penny blood, penny awful, and penny horrible. All in all, pretty... Continue Reading →

Spooky ‘Short Reads’ Recommendations

I’ve been reading some fantastic books and stories lately, a lot of which are relatively short! If you’re looking for a short spooky read, I’d recommend these! 🍁Sleeping with the Lights On: a short non fiction book taking about the history of horror! This book will make your reading tbr and movie watch list explode... Continue Reading →

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