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Little Sister Death by William Gay, A Review

Hi everyone,

Here’s another spooky review for you! Little Sister Death by William Gay.

“ [he] had felt some deep and nameless affinity for the questions that did not have any answers”

William Gay’s novel Little Sister Death is a frightening tale full of suspense. The Binder family move to the haunted Beale farm to five David some writing inspiration. However, sometimes when seeking ghosts, you get more than you bargain for when the past begins to repeat itself.

I LOVED this book. This is so much more than a horror story. At just 206 pages, this book packs in so much suspense and tension I was constantly on the edge of my seat. Based on the real legend of the Bell Witch, Gay’s novel takes the scariest elements of a haunted house and magnifies them towards the Binder family.

Corrie was my favourite character. If I had to move into a haunted house I’d probably act like her: not underestimating any little thing that happened, being cautious etc. But she’s also a fab character, I mean, she has to deal with David

This story doesn’t have an ending as Gay does before he finished this book. However! Don’t let this put you off as there are really strong clues as to what happens at the end. After discussing the book with others, we all arrived at the same conclusion about the ending!

Apart from one sentence that I didn’t like (the overused ‘let out a breath they didn’t know they were holding’) and the first chapter which could have been left out altogether, this book is fantastic. There were some scenes where I felt physically sick and scared! Oh, and I’ll never look at Winnie the Pooh the same way again

I’m 100% going to read another of Gay’s novels. I’m hooked and I need more!!!

Little Sister Death 4/5 stars


All images: me

Myself and @generallygothic hosted this book as part of an Instagram readalong so that’s why our reviews are spoiler free! A more in-depth discussion will be posted after Christmas to give proper who are still reading a chance to finish it and join in the discussion! I have also posted some Templates below, feel free to use them!

Happy holidays!

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